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Karl Gregory Fuzel

Avocat au barreau de Toulouse

Karl is a French trained English-speaking lawyer. He is currently a partner and director with the law firm AxiomAvocats.

Having spent his early childhood in Wimbledon and part of his working life in London he advises his clients on various tax issues and in particular:

-      tax matters with regard to trusts ;

-     the application of double taxation conventions and the resulting impact on French inheritance tax, income tax, social contributions, Wealth tax, to name but a few ;

-      the scope of the 3% tax ;

-      the range of the exit tax.

He also works in collaboration with British lawyers and chartered accountants based in Britain and trustees in Jersey and Guernsey.

He has an international client base comprising both individuals and businesses whose assets, income, economic and financial interests are shared between France and Britain, Ireland, Spain, Australia and the USA but also extending to Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gabon, Russia, Argentina, Japan and South Africa. 

He is a graduate from the I.E.J. and E.D.A (law schools) and possesses a Masters in tax law and a postgraduate qualification in medical law from UT1 Capitole University.

At AxiomAvocats he directs the Anglo-Saxon department as successor to Roslyn Innocent, who was a solicitor registered with the Law society of England and Wales and a lawyer called to the Toulouse Bar.


He is also registered as a sports lawyer.


Karl’s fields of expertise

- Tax litigation for both businesses and individuals;

- French taxes concerning inheritance, revenue, immovable and movable assets and capital gains (CGT);

- International tax affairs;

- Tax affairs of those who work in aviation and aircraft manufacturing;

- Legal assistance for airline transport pilots and instructor pilots;

- Assistance with property purchases in France; 

9 Rue Matabiau – Espace Jeanne d’Arc

F- 31000 Toulouse - France

Office: 05 61 11 05 60 

domaines d’intervention :

 - le contentieux fiscal de l'entreprise et celui des particuliers;

- la fiscalité du patrimoine, du revenu et des mutations à titre onéreux ;

- la fiscalité des mutations à titre gratuit (successions, donations, trusts..) ;

- la fiscalité immobilière et des plus-values ;

- la fiscalité locale et les taxes des collectivités territoriales ;

- la fiscalité des personnes rattachées au monde de l’aéronautique ;

- l’assistance juridique aux pilotes de ligne et pilotes instructeurs ;

- l’assistance à l’acquisition immobilière en France ;

- la régularisation d’avoirs étrangers non déclarés